Our wildlife is precious and at King Street Veterinary Hospital we provide any injured or orphaned native wildlife medical attention and nutritional care until they are placed in an appropriate care facility.

This is a free service to our community.

We provide them the best care as we love and appreciate our wildlife as much as you do.

  • Each patient, once assessed is provided with the medical treatment needed to ensure they are free of pain, radiographed to ascertain any injuries and treated where possible.

Orphaned animals

  • Are assessed for any injuries or illness.
  • Fed, raised and cared for by Tweed Valley wildlife carers if mum or dad were not around to be rehomed to.
  • Released back into the environment best suited for a successful life.

Our aim is to release healthy native animals back into the environment where they came from.

Here are some of our rescues

Wildlife Treatment and Care

If we are closed and you need to organise medical help for wildlife, please call Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers on 02 66724789.