At King Street Veterinary Hospital, we provide a range of vaccinations to keep your dog and cat safe.  All of our vaccination protocols are up to date and in accordance with the latest WASAVA international vaccination guidelines for core vaccines.

Vaccination for your dog

We routinely recommend vaccination against:

  •             Parvovirus
  •             Hepatitis
  •             Distemper
  •             Parainfluenza
  •             Bordetella

At King Street Veterinary Hospital, we have phased out the use of yearly boosters for Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo virus in adult dogs. We have now fully implemented the three-yearly vaccine for these 3 viruses. This is now accepted world-wide as the safest choice for vaccinating your dog against these diseases and limiting the number of unnecessary inoculations for your dog.  We also offer rapid and convenient in-house titre testing to assess your dog’s immunity status. You can now vaccinate your dog or cat when they need it!

TITRE TESTING for canine hepatitis, distemper and parvovirus is now available for dogs as an in house blood test. This simple blood test will show what level of immunity your canine has and prevent a vaccination that may not be required.

Vaccination for your cat

We routinely recommend yearly vaccination against:

  •             Feline Panleukopaenia
  •             Feline Rhinotracheitis
  •             Feline Calicivrus
  •             Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Titre testing through an external laboratory is also available to assess the immunity status of your cat.

Each visit is a lot more than a vaccination and each animal receives a top to tail physical examination.   The vaccination program is designed and tailored for each individual needs and lifestyle.  You can be rest assured that your animal only receives what is truly needed.

At King Street Veterinary Hospital will also endeavour to make each visit as pleasant and stress-free as possible.  During our vaccination visits we routinely use pheromones, positive reinforcement and a variety of enrichment from treats, cuddles and lick mats.  If your dog is nervous or uncomfortable coming into the clinic we are happy to meet you outside too.