Our pets nutritional needs change accordingly to different factors such as his or her:

  • Gender
  • Breed
  • Age or lifestyle stage
  • Weight
  • Presence of medical conditions such as bladder stones, pancreatitis, kidney disease, food or skin allergies, heart disease and obesity.
  • Daily activities and lifestyle
  • And more!

We are what we eat so it is important to our pets health that we tailor what they eat to their individual needs. Dr Samantha Bicknell is very passionate about pets gut health and helping you plan a path for your pet to have the best diet and supplements so they can live a happy and healthy life. Using western herbs and food with the best ingredients nature has to offer, she can help you choose a diet that will suit not only your pet but your lifestyle.

King Street Veterinary Hospital offers a range or premium pet food that will suit your pet’s individual needs.

We have the Organic Paws raw food and bones available and can order your pet’s favourite flavour upon request.

For any questions, please to not hesitate to ask our team!