King Street Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped to perform a variety of in-house laboratory testing. This includes:

  • Cytology to identify ear and skin infections.
  • Fine needle aspiration and cytology to identify cancerous lumps.
  • Gram stain for identification of bacteria and fungal organisms.
  • Faecal floatation and smear for the detection of parasites.
  • Complete urine examination.
  • Skin scraping for the detection of mites.
  • Heartworm testing in dogs.
  • FIV testing in cats.
  • Biochemistry and haematology blood testing
  • Cage-side blood clot testing for coagulopathies (rat bait ingestion, snake bite)
  • Snake venom detection kits
  • Titre testing for vaccination requirements
  • And much more!

Our blood analysis machine also allows us to perform rapid blood testing while you are waiting. This is particularly useful in establishing a prompt diagnosis in case of illness or emergency. It is also used to perform “wellness testing” in geriatric pets and to perform routine pre-anesthetic blood analysis prior to surgery. It tells us how your pet feels from the inside out!