Dr Jamie is travelling for the next 12 months so will only be able to provide Telehealth consultations. If you would like us to organise an appointment for you then please call the clinic and we will schedule an appointment.

Dr Jamie Lines is bringing 25 years of experience to King Street Vets to provide holistic and integrative medicine to help your pet by using natural and herbal medicine. We know how frustrating it is when your pet has a health issue that just can’t seem to be resolved and you are watching your pet suffer. Bad breath, digestive problems, itchy skin, urinary problems, behavioural issues, eye problems, ear infections, arthritic pain.

Integrative medicine can provide an alternative to your pet being on life long medication or supporting their immune system while being treated for a life threatening illness. Sometimes it is as simple as changing their diet or addressing lifestyle stress. Sometimes it’s more complicated.  Either way, we are committed to getting you the outcome you desire.  A healthy, happy pet for life!

With qualifications in veterinary medicine , surgery and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, Dr Jamie bridges the gap between western and eastern medicine to assess and treat your pet. Looking at your pets health like the layers of an onion, he will help to peel away the issues to get to the root of their health concerns.

You are what you eat and our beloved pets are no different. Using western herbs, nutritional medicine and nutritional advice, Dr Jamie will address your pet’s health care issues and help them on the path to a happy life.

Face to face consultations are always preferred but for those clients or patients who may not be able to come into the clinic, zoom or facetime consultations can be arranged.

If it has been a while since your pet has visited the vet, we recommend they have an annual health check as this will help guide Dr Jamie with his treatments.