Depending on the breed of your pet they may require regular clipping, brushing, washing, or stripping. Regular grooming is not only important for their appearance but for their general health.

Cassey and Hayes from Judy’s pet grooming have been providing an excellent grooming service to King Street vets for the past 10 years to make your fur babies look and smell sensational.

Cassey and Hayes can also groom your cat. They will be pampered and groomed in comfort and with minimal stress. If your cat needs a clip, then let us do the hard work for you!!!

​If your cat or dog does not enjoy being groomed and requires sedation, our vets have you covered too and can provide safe sedations to help keep them relaxed for their haircut. This can be in the form of oral anti-anxiety tablets before their visit, or injectable sedation upon arrival.

The benefit of having your cat or dog groomed at the vets is that they can have their annual health check or vaccination while at the clinic.

Grooming appointments are available every Tuesday and Thursday to give your pets the pampering they deserve to look and feel their best.