It is never easy to say goodbye to your beloved pet and the decision to euthanase is always a difficult one.  We are here to listen to you and guide you in this difficult time.  We will first examine your pet and carefully assess their quality of life.  We will explain and help you understand all the options available to keep your cherished pet as comfortable as possible. 

Sometimes, the kindest thing to do to ease an animal’s pain is knowing when it is time to say goodbye.  When all possibilities have been explored and euthanasia is the best option, we will do everything we can to ensure that this transition is as peaceful as possible.

When the time comes, you may wish to be present with your pet until the end or you may decide to leave at any stage during the procedure.  This is a personal decision and it is about doing what is right for you.  At any time, we will be there to support you and your pet. 

The euthanasia can be performed in a quiet and private location of your choice, usually somewhere calm and peaceful where your pet is comfortable.  We can provide house visits and give your family all the time that is needed to say goodbye in the comfort of your own home.     We also have a special private comfort room in the clinic, separate from the other rooms and waiting area, where you can peacefully and privately share those last precious moments with your pet. 

When you are ready, a sedation is administered to your animal to minimise fear and stress and to make sure that the transition is as peaceful as possible.  The procedure is gentle and if you so choose, your pet can fall asleep in your arms.

We will also discuss pet cremation services and other options available to you. Pet Angel is a compassionate and caring family owned pet crematorium who are here to give your fur angel an intimate, graceful, and dignified final farewell.

If you wish so, we can provide you with keepsakes such as hairlocks and pawprints.  Most importantly, you can stay with your pet for as long as you want.

 Saying goodbye is never easy but we will do everything we can to help them cross the rainbow bridge with love and dignity.