Animal toxicity is an important topic for veterinarians, animal lovers, and pet owners. Animal poisoning can be accidental or intentional. It can happen by ingestion, inhalation, skin contact or eye contact.

There are many ways in which animals may become exposed to poisons, and these include:

  • Poisoning by Cane Toad
  • Snake Bites
  • Tick toxicity
  • Ingestion of a poison bait;
  • Inhalation of smoke from burning household items with nicotine (e.g., cigarettes) or inhalation of smoke from fires;
  • Ingestion or inhalation of pesticides or other household chemicals;
  • Inhalation of vapers from gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner and other petroleum products;
  • Eating poisonous plants;
  • Eating incorrect food types;

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Snake bite

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