Julie Charest

Julie Charest

Hi, my name is Julie.  You might also know me as “the one with the accent”!  I am French Canadian and was born in Montreal in 1977.  I graduated from the University of Montreal in 2000 and completed an internship in small animal practice in 2001.  Fresh out of university, I worked in Montreal as an emergency and critical care vet for nearly 5 years. 

In 2004, I packed my bags and decided to set off for the adventure of a lifetime in this faraway land called “Down Under”.  Little did I know that I would instantly fall in love with this beautiful country, its perfect weather, amazing beaches and diverse wildlife.  I also happened to fall in love with one if its handsome residents….  a true-blue Aussie.  How could I resist the blue eyes, the sandy blond hair and charming Australian accent?  So, I traded the snow for sunshine and “poutine” for meat pies.

I have called Australia home since 2005 and became a proud permanent citizen over 10 years ago.  I consider myself a true Australian at heart and wonder how I ever survived those cold Canadian winters?!  After many years, I am still working on my “taste” for this Australian delicacy that is Vegemite. Even though time has passed, I don’t think I will ever get use to spiders the size of dinosaurs….especially when they creep up in my car at night.

Our little family lives in the Tweed area.  Many of you have heard about my beloved whippet Wilson.  I am also the proud mother of a funny and quirky 8 year old boy who certainly knows how to keep me busy! 

I joined the team at King Street Veterinary Hospital over 10 years ago and instantly felt at home.   There’s never been a boring day or a dull moment ever since!  I have a special interest in small animal medicine, emergency and critical care, preventative medicine, ultrasonography and end-of-life care.  For me, being a vet is all about making a difference, helping animals live a better life and treating every pet like if they were my own.

I hope to see you soon.