jamie and chief

Jamie Lines – Integrated medicine ( on a 12 month break so only available for Telehealth appointments)

My name is Dr Jamie Lines and I am bringing my passion to King Street Vet as an integrative Vet using herbal and nutritional therapies for pets.

I have travelled far and wide with my wife and three children over the years. I have worked at many places around Australia and overseas for the last 25 years which has provided me with many great experiences and taught me many things about people and their pets. It has been such a gift to be able to help so many animals suffering in various ways with all kinds of ailments.

My journey has brought my focus to a more holistic way of approaching animal health and looking at healing and restoring health rather than just treating disease.

I love to see the transformation in pet’s health by using natural supplements and nutrition along with various Western and Chinese herbs. It has been a learning experience for pet owners and me with the reward of having pets with an improved quality of life and happier parents.

Many pet owners have told me that they never thought they would see their pets so vibrant and energetic again. They thought they would just have to live with their chronic condition forever.

I really look forward to seeing you with your beloved pets and creating some happy memories and happy pets.

I will be available for in person consultations or face time appointments for those people in more distant locations.

Jamie Lines BVSc Grad ip TCVM