Pet insurance

Thanks to recent advancements in veterinary care pets are living longer and happier lives. State of the art treatment and modern technology are now available to treat your pet. Unfortunately it all comes at a cost. New options lead to new expenses and rapidly rising vet bills. Therefore pet care can reach thousands of dollars in no time. Sadly there is no government subsidy for your pet’s health so it might seem like you are paying more.

In case of illness, accident or emergency can you afford to give your pet the best of care? 

Condition                             Average cost
Tick paralysis                        $800-2000
Snake Bite                            $1000-3000
Rat bait poisoning                 $500-1500
Motor vehicle accident          $600-2500
Dog fight                               $800-1500
Gastroenteritis                      $500-1000
Cruciate ligament surgery     $1800-3500

People insure their car, their home and their family. Why not their pet?
-Over 63 % of Australian households enjoy the company of a pet but sadly less then 2 % have pet insurance.                                                      -One out of three pets are insured in the UK and nearly one out of two in Sweden.

Why pet insurance?

-Gives you the chance to consider ALL treatment options for you pet.
-Gives you the chance to provide the BEST care possible.
-Gives you and your family peace of mind.
-Saves you having to choose between costs or euthanasia.

Insure your puppy or kitten as quickly as possible and avoid frustrating exclusions based on age or pre-existing conditions!

A small price to pay for peace of mind…