Caring for your new kitten

1-VACCINATION                                                            Kit1

Vaccination protects your cat against highly contagious diseases. This includes: feline panleucopenia virus, herpes, calicivirus and feline AIDS.

-8 weeks of age (F3)
-12 weeks of age (F3 + FIV)
-14 weeks of age (FIV)
-16 weeks of age (F3 +FIV)
Remember that protection is not complete until a full course is given.

2-INTESTINAL WORMS                                                    Kit2

Kittens often carry intestinal worms, many of which are contagious to adults and children. Worming for roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm with a high quality wormer is essential.

-2-12 weeks of age: every 2 weeks
-3-6 months of age: every month
-6 months and over: every 3 months
We recommend Milbemax all-wormer. Even if your cat is on other products such as Revolution or Advocate it still requires regular worming against tapeworm.

3-HEARTWORM PREVENTION                                       Kit3

Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes and not only to dogs but also to cats. All cats are at risks whether they live inside or outside. The disease in cats is usually fatal but can be prevented. We recommend using monthly Revolution.

4- FLEA PREVENTION                                                      Kit4

Fleas are one of the most common causes of skin problems in cats. To avoid a difficult and frustrating flea infestation in your house, use monthly Revolution.

5-TICK PARALYSIS                                                          Kit5

Cats can also be affected by tick paralysis, especially those having access to bushland, riverfront, acreage and long grass. Ticks are usually worse between July and March. They are extremely active in our area.
No product is 100 % effective against ticks. We recommend keeping your cat away from risk areas and to search it daily for the presence of ticks.
Frontline spray applied every 3 weeks is the only registered product for tick paralysis prevention in cats. Frontline spot-on applied every 2 weeks can also offer a certain protection but is not registered. Proban tablets are widely used in cats and have shown positive results. Please as us for more advice.


Desexing reduces the risks of unwanted litters, overpopulation and euthanasia. It also reduces the risks of unwanted behaviour such as territorial aggression and urinary marking. It also has health benefits and reduces the risks of reproductive tract disorders such as mammary cancer, testicular tumours and pyometra.

7-MICROCHIPPING                                                         Kit6

A microchip provides a permanent form of identification for your cat and unlike collars they cannot fall or get removed. Your cat can be microchipped with a simple and quick injection of an implant the size of a grain of rice. This will allow us to reunite your and your cat in no time in case of emergency. Microchipping can be done at any time or any age but is often performed at the time of desexing while your cat is under anesthesia.

8-PET INSURANCE                                                          Kit7

Your new cat is now part of your family. In case of accident, illness or emergency can you afford to give him the best treatment possible? Veterinary science has made huge progress in the recent years. State of the art treatments and technologies are now available to save your pet...but it all comes at a cost. Save your family the heartache of having to choose between costs or euthanasia. There are pet insurances available for everyone’s budget. For more information do not hesitate to ask our team!


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!