Pet Health

General Pet Health advice.

Below you will find advice to many general problems encountered by pet owners. Pet poisoning is a common problem often encountered in the King St Vet hospital and there are some simple things that you can do to avoid this.


Caring for your new puppy doesn't have to be a big job and if you do the right things from the start then avoiding those bad habits to develop will help later on in life. Puppy schools and getting the right vaccinations for your new puppy is essential for a happy healthy dog. The following articles will inform you about what to do about worming and tick prevention. Desexing of pets and the microchipping of your new pet is a simple process and the following articles will make that a bit clearer.


Some great information for you to create an environment that will have your cat or kitten happy and content.


More and more people are looking after and loving exotic pets. These pets sometimes are suited better to our busy lifestyles but still require the same amount of attention that any pet requires. Below are some tips for various types of pets including rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice, reptiles and guinea pigs.