Our team

Dr Samantha Bicknell. BVSc Hons

Sam B

Hi, I'm Samantha and I have been co-owner of King St Veterinary Hospital since 2004 and have worked here since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2000.
My job is my passion and I am fortunate to have such a great team environment to work in at King Street Veterinary Hospital.

As a veterinarian, I complete regular further study requirements and have special interests in acupuncture/natural medicine and ultrasonography.

I enjoy travelling and camping (including visits overseas), but always love coming home. I enjoy playing netball and rowing along the Tweed River, and looking after my devoted geriatric Kelpie, “Kelly” and my elderly, diabetic Burmese cat, “Koshka”.

I endeavour to be a good parent to my wonderful children, and to enjoy what they bring into my life. Along with becoming a mother, my career with animals has led me to believe that although we as the adults think we are the teachers, it is the animals and children who are really teaching us!

Dr Ben Kane. BVSc


My name is Ben Kane and I am director & veterinarian here at King Street Veterinary Hospital.  I have always been fascinated by the natural world and knew from an early age that I wanted to work with animals, either to be a zoologist, wildlife ranger or veterinarian.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in St Lucia in 2001, and have been in small animal practice ever since. In 2009 I had the opportunity to buy into King Street Veterinary Hospital with Dr Samantha Bicknell. I have always loved working with companion animals, they bring so much happiness to peoples lives and deserve to have healthy happy lives themselves.  My wife & I have always loved the lifestyle & natural beauty that the Tweed Valley & its surrounds offer & are so happy to be living here now.  We have taken on a 4yo ex-racing Greyhound Ella, she has had a hard life and is only now really becoming a playful dog and interacting with us normally now, she is beautiful.

My professional interests are small animal medicine, soft tissue surgery, ultrasonography and treating native fauna. My main goal is to ensure a happy & healthy lifestyle for pets and their owners by delivering high quality veterinary advice and treatment.  In my spare time I enjoy travel, fishing, bushwalking, camping & kayaking.

Dr Julie Charest. DVM IPSAV


Hello, I'm Julie Charest and I am an associate here at King Street Veterinary Hospital. Many might wonder where my accent is from - I am French Canadian and I graduated from the University of Montreal, Canada in 2000. I completed an internship in a small animal practice in 2001 and worked in an emergency and referral centre in Montreal for five years, giving me the opportunity to work with specialists in many fields such as internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology and emergency and critical care. I first came Down Under for a holiday and immediately fell in love with the country. I also met the love of my life, my husband Mathew and moved to the Gold Coast in 2005. I've never looked back!

I have been at KSVH since 2009 and I really enjoy our community and friendly crew here at the clinic. I have a special interest in internal medicine, emergency and critical care, dermatology and ultrasonography. 

For over a year now we have been involved with Story Dogs, a wonderful course that improves reading and communication in children by having them read to a trained companion dog. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful whippet, 'Wilson' and I am looking forward to officially becoming an Australian citizen this year. I also enjoy travelling and returning to Canada for skiing and ice skating. Most of all, I enjoy working with animals. Their love, their trust, their vulnerability and their kindness are a great source of inspiration for us all.

Dr Emma Burt BVSc

Sue Haworth. VN


My name is Sue Haworth and I am the head nurse/ practice manager at King Street Veterinary Hospital (KSVH). I have been at KSVH for the past 20 years and have loved every minute of it. During my time at KSVH I have primarily been nursing our beloved patients, training veterinary nursing students and helping clients at reception. The main reason I got into the veterinary industry was because of my first dog, 'Tanus' - my beloved big man who sadly passed away many years ago. When I first got 'Tanus', I was working in a human hospital in Sydney but soon realised I had no idea what I was doing when it came to his training. Many friends gave me lots of advice (which I now realise was well-meaning, but dreadful) and when I moved back home to the Tweed Coast I was given a wonderful opportunity to work at King Street Vets. I have been actively involved in canine and feline behaviour by helping owners to understand their pets, as well as by visiting children at school. I have been teaching animal studies certificate 2 and 3 at Kingscliff TAFE for the past 14 years which gives me such joy to help a new generation of people wanting to work in the veterinary industry. Working with animals is such a fantastic reason to get up and go to work each day, and if you ever need help with your pet I would love to see you at King Street Vets!

Maree Coley.


Hi my name is Maree, but you can call me 'Maz'. You might say I am a part of the furniture here at King Street Veterinary Hospital, as I have been happily employed here for the past 15 years. I will likely be the first person to greet you as you enter our reception area. You may even meet my two beautiful Tibetan Spaniels, 'Ella' and 'Cheyanne', who are usually lounging on their beds in the back of reception (I also have a third dog, 'Jasper', who stays at home as he is a big, boisterous boy). My area of expertise at KSVH is to ensure that you and your much loved companion(s) are made to feel at home while waiting to see one of our much loved vets. I've spent years in wildlife care and rehabilitation, and my husband and I are developing a much-needed wildlife habitat on our 80-acre property at Uki. My interests include horse riding and travel, and I have been fortunate enough to visit Africa three times now. I am involved in 'Story Dogs' - a much-loved weekly outing which involves taking my dog Ella to school to read with the children to improve their reading and communication skills. My team mates at work are fantastic and we are just like one big happy family. I don't know how many people can say they love to get up and go to work, but I can truthfully say I am one of them.

Dsc01246Natasha Graham. VN

Hi my name is Natasha and I have been lucky enough to be part of the team at King St Veterinary Hospital for five years. I'm currently working here part time as a Veterinary Nurse, and spend the other end of the week working at Currumbin Sanctuary Wildlife Hospital, also as a Veterinary Nurse. I have long had a love of wildlife, helping to raise orphans and look after sick and injured animals for over 13 years.

In my spare time you will likely find me riding my lovely horse, ' Danny', enjoying time at the river or perhaps reading a favourite novel. I also have a hilarious pet Rainbow Lorikeet, 'Stewy' - disabled by his half a wing, he loves to tease the two dogs I live with - a German Shepherd, 'Ella' and Kelpie-X 'Jackson'.

Tracey Watts.


Hi! I'm Tracey and I joined the team at King Street Veterinary Hospital in April 2010 as a receptionist. I was thrilled when I was asked to join the clinic as I love working with animals. All of the staff and clients have made me feel very welcome at KSVH. You may also recognise me from my work at the Murwillumbah Pet Shop. I have lots of experience working with aquarium fish, birds and small animals as I worked there for eight years until it changed ownership.

I have had many pets over the years such as rabbits, guinea pigs, goldfish, tropical and discus fish, Siamese fighting fish, axolotls, birds, dogs – just to name a few. My current pet is a hand-reared Green Cheeked Conure named 'Cedrik', who is 2.5 years old and came home with me from the pet shop one day. Cedrik has free flight inside the house and is very affectionate - he is quite the character! Some of my hobbies are gardening, listening to music, dancing, attending body combat classes and just keeping active.

Danielle Small


Erin Swift