Puppy preschool

At King St Vets, we firmly believe that taking your puppy to puppy pre school is an essential first step to developing a family and dog friendly pet. 

Between the ages of 8-16 weeks is the critical time for socialization and training for a puppy. After this age, external influences on socialization and body language changes and becomes more difficult.

During this stage of life, your puppy will start to explore their surroundings in the big human world and experience new situations. This is the perfect time to introduce them to different people, objects and dogs of various sizes and breeds. Our puppy pre school is designed to meet the vital need for exposure and learning in a safe, clean and supervised environment.

In our classes your puppy will learn to be more confident and friendly to people and other dogs. This is done by the puppy learning appropriate puppy body language, which will then shape into hopefully good adult dog body language. You will see that dog body language is the same, whether it comes from a German shepherd or a Jack Russell.

They will learn bite inhibition. This is where they are still encouraged to explore their environment by mouthing, which is normal puppy behaviour, but they are discouraged from biting people.

We also teach them controlled lead walking, staying put, how to handle and restrain your puppy for grooming and examination, coming on command and all using positive reinforcement.

Puppies also receive in clinic discounts on micro chipping and desexing plus loads of free goodies in their puppy bags!

Classes are held at our clinic every Monday night between 6-7pm over a 4 week period.
Maximum number of puppies is per class so phone 02 6672 4322 to book your spot now!

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