Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers

Our objectives and aims revolve around the conservation and welfare of our local wildlife. Our foremost aim is the rescue and rehabilitation of native fauna for return to their natural environment, using the best and most up-to-date information from all relevant sources.

To this end, our volunteers undertake training in the rescue and care of native wildlife. Many members involved in the care of animals have specialist expertise in the rescue and rehabilitation of particular species or groups of animals, eg possums/gliders, macropods, waterbirds, monotremes, and flying foxes.

The group also aims to promptly and humanely relieve the suffering of animals whose injuries are so severe that they cannot be saved, with the assistance of local veterinarians.


Friends of the Hound

The friends of the hound greyhound adoption group is dedicated to the welfare of greyhound. Our mission is to create public awareness of the greyhound as a gentle, affectionate dog and excellent family pet and to rescue and rehome as many beautiful greyhounds as possible.


Tweed Shire Council

The permanent identification and lifetime registration system which came into effect on 1 July 1999 greatly assists authorities in returning lost and injured animals to their owners. It provides NSW councils with a more effective means of keeping track of dogs and cats for the benefit of the wider community.



RSPCA Australia is home to a strong science and campaigns team, with a particular focus on farm animal issues. RSPCA Australia is responsible for facilitating national campaigns and events and representing the interests of animal welfare with Government and industry across all areas.


Poisons info.

Poisons Info

Veterinary Specialist Services (Carrara)


Animal Emergency Service (Carrara)

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Brisbane Birds & Exotics Veterinary Service


Story Dogs

Story Dogs

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation

Currumbin Wildlife

Animal Welfare League



Dr Cam Day (Veterinary Behaviourist)


NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

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Holidaying With Dogs

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Doggy Holiday


Dogs on Holidays

Dogs On Holidays

WIRES Northern Rivers

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Australian Seabird Rescue

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Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers


Friends of the Koala

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NSW Wildlife Council


Blissful Being Acutherapies

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