Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers

We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful pocket of the country, the Wollumbin Caldera encloses the Tweed Valley which is home to a rich diversity of native flora and fauna, the latter of which we come into contact with on a daily basis.
Motor vehicle accidents, dog or cat attacks, flying into windows/buildings, caught in netting or barbed wire are some of the common scenarios that cause injury to our native fauna.

If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, follow these 3 steps.

1. Remove any threats Evaluate the situation, and remove any immediate threat to the animal. This could mean locking cats and dogs away to alleviate stress until a trained rescuer arrives. It could mean asking someone to stop or divert traffic if the animal is on the road.

2. Minimise stress Where the animal is not a danger to you; does not need specialist handling, eg a raptor and flying-fox; or is not going to be injured further: place or wrap the animal in a soft towel or cloth, and then gently place it in a secure, ventilated box. Put the box in a warm, dark, quiet room, away from noisy children, pets, TV, radios, etc, and do not disturb. The stress associated with human contact can result in death.For other situations, go to step 3. immediately. 

3. Seek advice immediately ...If you live in the Tweed Valley area of Northern NSW, call Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers immediately on 02 6672 4789. Otherwise, contact your local Parks & Wildlife office, who will direct you to your nearest group.  On calling TVWC, they will give advice on what to do until a trained rescuer arrives. They will then assess the animal, and, depending on that assessment, either take the animal to a vet, or wildlife foster carer.  All of their carers are fully trained in the care and rehabilitation of native animals through certified courses, workshops, hands-on experience, and constant feedback. Some have opted for advanced training with animals such as raptors, koalas, and flying-foxes which require more specialist treatment. So, rest assured your animal will go to the right person for the best chance of a speedy recovery.

If the animals need to be brought into the vet please