Tweed Shire Coucil Pound

King Street Veterinary Hospital is proud to support the Tweed Shire Pound in a joint effort to re-home the many dogs and cats that are surrendered or found in the Tweed Shire.

King Street Veterinary Hospital has proudly donated over 650 hours of veterinary time at the pound over the past 10 years, in health examinations, behaviour testing, implementing vaccination programs, FIV and heart worm testing and skin checks on site at the pound.

We are very proud to support the Council’s policies of desexing and microchipping of all animals sold from the pound, and provide additional support in desexing them at discounted prices.
New owners of any pound animals also have the opportunity to receive discounted packages through our “Home Sweet Home” scheme for heartworm prevention, FIV protection, worming and flea control.
King Street Veterinary Hospital hopes to continue our involvement in the desexing program to decrease unwanted pets, for many years to come, and we will continue to educate people in their role as responsible pet owners.

We would like to congratulate the pound on their new facelift and the finances injected into the facility and its programs to raise the standard of animal care. We also congratulate Dr Julie Charest in her pro-active role at the pound, and the many hours of work dedicated to the cause.

We also acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the wonderful attendants and volunteers who tend to the many animals out there. For people who are animal lovers, any institution where a number of animals are surrendered or unwanted each year can be a challenging place to work.

As a community we need to take responsibility for our pet population, and we all should encourage and support responsible pet ownership. Please DESEX, MICROCHIP and REGISTER your pets. What an achievement it would be, to have available pet homes exceed pet numbers!